Motional is a suite of evidence-based, easy-to-use tools designed to measure, positively impact, and report on emotional health across the whole school or setting.

It supports access to healthy life and learning through improved Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health. Motional offers guidance, activities and resources for intervention work with individual pupils or whole classes, alongside data to provide a ‘whole school’ approach.

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Positively Impacting 110,000+ Young People

Measure. Change. Progress. Report

Use Snapshots to better understand how well an individual or group is functioning in terms of their Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health.

Implement a programme of strategies and activities known to support emotional development.

View Progress of an individual or a group, and choose new activities to continue positively impacting those in your care.

Report on an individual or a group, enabling comparison and data-driven, proactive decision making.

The Motional Solution

Motional supports education providers to respond to emotional wellbeing & mental health challenges and requirements by providing an easy to use online tool that is:

tick item icon Simple to use and time efficient

tick item icon Low cost of entry and no hidden costs

tick item icon Fast online UK based support

tick item icon Provides access to a wealth of tailored individualised programmes of activities

tick item icon Change and progression data for whole school, keystage, group, class and individual

tick item icon Minimal training required and can be used by anyone within the setting

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Motional is used by
Teachers. Teaching Assistants. SENCos. ALNCos. Head Teachers. Trusts. Senior Management and more...

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"One of the best services I've ever used for helping children make sense of their world and regulate their behaviour."

Sally Smith, St Cleer Primary

Sally Smith, St Cleer Primary

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