At Motional, we continuously work to enhance our platform to give the maximum positive Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health outcomes for all children within a school or setting.

Sometimes these enhancements are developments of existing features such as new advice and activities within our Groupshots and Snapshots, created through working with our team of experts and experienced senior educators. At other times, we have something bigger up our sleeves to announce…

The Organisational Snapshot & Action Plan - Empowering the Senior Lead Team to make informed decisions that impact across the Whole School.

We know that to have the maximum positive Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health outcomes for all children within a school or setting, a Whole School Approach is needed. Purely focusing on individuals or small groups has a smaller overall impact than looking at the whole setting.

We also know that the responsibilities put on teachers and the Senior Lead Team within schools is higher than ever, and easily evidencing Intent, Implementation & Impact to Ofsted, Estyn, ISI, CQC, and other inspection bodies within a School Development Plan is no easy task.

The NEW Motional Organisational Snapshot & Action Plan supports the development of an emotionally healthy culture throughout the whole school - gathering feedback from a wide-range of stakeholders and providing expert advice across Leadership and Management, Environment and Ethos, Policy and Practice.

Perfect for feeding into a School Development Plan, our Organisational Snapshot & Action Plan tool helps evidence Intent, Implementation and Impact around Emotional Wellbeing and Personal Development to inspection bodies.

Unlike our tools for more regular use for whole classes, smaller groups or individuals, the Organisational Snapshot is used less frequently, probably once a year to gather feedback, with the resulting Action Plan tasks being carried out across the school year - adding additional tasks if you’re making great progress and have already completed and evidenced the highest priority actions.

For Motional, we’re very excited to be able to release these new features, which will not only be supporting Senior Leadership Teams with improved workflows and potentially great time savings, but by having effective Action Plans in place across the settings using Motional for their Whole School, the positive impact Motional makes on the Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health of all children within these settings is greater than ever.

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