Transform Pupil Attendance, Engagement & Behaviour

With Motional's support, make a big impact on pupil attendance, engagement, and behaviour through analysis, advice and pro-active change.

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Available from just £2 per student - per year!

Discover effective strategies to improve pupil attendance.

Boost classroom engagement and track progress and change across the Whole School.

Understand pupils' behaviour and provide effective support.

Remove barriers to school attendance

The solution to increased attendance, better attainment, and positive behaviours starts with creating a culture where children and young people feel safe, seen, supported, and valued.

tick item icon Motional’s Organisational Snapshot enables you to understand stakeholder perspectives of this across your school.

tick item icon Motional's Action Planner generates an evidence-based School Action Plan by analysing the results. It assigns tasks, including expert-curated suggestions, and monitors progress and change. This approach showcases Intent, Implementation, and Impact with ease, and promotes the development of a mentally healthy culture throughout your school.

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Transform Pupil Attendance by Removing Barriers To School Attendance

Are your pupils ready to learn?

In order to learn, children must be able to access the parts of the brain responsible for attention, curiosity, thinking, processing, and memory.

This only happens when our Social Engagement systems are active and when our Social Defence systems sense safety.

tick item icon Motional’s Groupshot and Snapshot tools measure Social Engagement, Social Defence, and Executive Functioning at both the class and individual levels.

tick item icon Groupshots and Snapshots also provide access to a comprehensive bank of advice and strategies tailored to each area of need.

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Increase Pupil Engagement

Do you understand individual needs and changing behaviours?

Children’s needs and behaviours change over time based on their experiences, environment, and relationships.

Motional supports you to understand this and provides:

tick item icon Pupil-level overview - includes latest scores and change / need indicators

tick item icon Group-level overview - includes latest scores and change over time

tick item icon Charts showing change over time for individual pupils, groups, or classes

tick item icon Whole school data. This includes latest scores and change / need indicators by year group, key stage, pupil premium, SEN, etc.

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Optimise pupil behaviour

"I was originally introduced to Motional in my part time job as Social and Emotional and Mental Health Specialist Teacher for our Local Authority. I thought it was so useful that we then bought it at the school where I work as SENCO. I felt confident that I had a tool to track progress and to evidence the impact of the pastoral provision we were putting in place. I shared what we were using with our family of schools and it was decided that we would buy Motional for all 5 of our primaries so that we had a common assessment tool that would allow us to support the children we had with SEMH needs and track their progress. It has also meant that we can provide comparable assessments for funding requests."

Liz White, Nottingham

Liz White, Nottingham

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