Organisational Snapshot & Action Plan

A powerful feature supporting senior leads to make data-driven decisions that positively impact the whole school community.

Easily evidence your Intent, Implementation and Impact by gathering feedback, creating an Action Plan, assigning tasks, and evidencing progress and change.

Organisational Snapshot & Action Plan overview

Develop an emotionally healthy culture throughout the whole school

The NEW Organisational Snapshot & Action Plan supports the development of an emotionally healthy culture throughout the whole school - gathering feedback and providing expert advice across Leadership and Management, Environment and Ethos, Policy and Practice.

Evidence Intent, Implementation and Impact in your School Development Plan

Designed for Head Teachers and the Senior Leadership Team, our Organisational Snapshot & Action Plan tool is perfect for feeding into your School Development Plan, evidencing Intent, Implementation and Impact around Emotional Wellbeing and Personal Development to inspection bodies.

Like our Groupshots & Snapshots, the questions and advice in the Organisational Snapshot & Action Plan are created by our team of experts and experienced senior educators to help you have the greatest positive impact - all whilst saving you time and effort!

Organisational Snapshots

tick item icon Create your questionnaire in just a few minutes

tick item icon Gather feedback across your organisation’s stakeholders including the Senior Leadership Team, Teachers, Governors and Support Staff
(You choose if contributors should be anonymous and whether results are shared)

tick item icon Quickly review and explore your results to gain insights and see areas for improvement

tick item icon Filter by domain, question and stakeholder type to understand how perspective differs within your organisation

tick item icon Celebrate your successes, and identify areas for improvement to inform your Action Plan for the year ahead

Organisational Snapshot

Action Plan Builder

tick item icon Create an Action Plan to support the development of your Organisation's approach to Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health

tick item icon Access expert-curated suggested actions and required evidence - you can add actions using our suggestions or create your own

tick item icon Assign Action Plan Tasks to team members, giving timescales and evidence needed

tick item icon View team members' comments on their assigned tasks as they work towards their completion

tick item icon Track progress as team members Upload Evidence and mark tasks as complete

Explore The Motional Whole School Approach

Good Looks Like

There is a culture of openness and shared discussion of important issues relating to Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health. Change is embraced. Staff feel trusted and are not afraid to challenge leaders. Leadership is distributed and democratic. Leaders enable staff and trust them to make decisions themselves.

  • Is staff engagement monitored within the School Development Plan?

    How are staff engaged in strategic or policy development and decision-making?

    Does staff engagement draw from all aspects of staff e.g. Support Staff, Lunch-Time Supervisors?

  • Take the staff temperature with a wellbeing questionnaire. Set up a team to look at this and offer solutions.

    Use Suggestion

  • SLT Meeting minutes.

    Staff Representation Group, with attendees from the whole school group i.e. teachers, managers, teaching support staff, administration, catering staff etc.

    Use Suggestion

"I was originally introduced to Motional in my part time job as Social and Emotional and Mental Health Specialist Teacher for our Local Authority. I thought it was so useful that we then bought it at the school where I work as SENCO. I felt confident that I had a tool to track progress and to evidence the impact of the pastoral provision we were putting in place. I shared what we were using with our family of schools and it was decided that we would buy Motional for all 5 of our primaries so that we had a common assessment tool that would allow us to support the children we had with SEMH needs and track their progress. It has also meant that we can provide comparable assessments for funding requests."

Liz White, Nottingham

Liz White, Nottingham

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