Why Choose Motional?

At Motional, we are dedicated to enabling educators and care-givers to better understand, support and positively impact the mental health and wellbeing of the young people in their care.

Our easy to use suite of tools are based on extensive research and expert advice, crafted into a time saving, cost effective and impactful solution.

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Save time and get the most benefit from a limited budget

Based on extensive research and expert advice, we regularly review and update our content so you have the greatest positive impact.

Motional is a cost effective solution designed to save time and resources.

Easy to use, our online tool can be used by all staff members without the need for lengthy training.

Motional is a collaborative tool designed to be used by all staff. Our community of users help inform future app development.

Why Choose Motional?

At Motional, we know the two biggest challenges in schools are a lack of funds and a lack of resources - we've built our suite of tools with these challenges in mind, enabling your team to have the greatest beneficial impact for the children in your care.

Motional can be used by all staff without the need for specific training, when assistance is needed, our UK based support team can be easily reached from within the app. A comprehensive Support Library is available and regular training sessions can be booked onto by any member of staff if they need a refresher.

We have many time saving features built into our app, most notably, it can take a teacher as little as one hour per term to complete a review for a full class/group of children.

Our tool can record ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and Protective Factor scores where required and gives staff a whole-brain picture of students' mental health and wellbeing.

Motional is based on research on emotional systems in the brain and extensive research, studies and expertise in executive functional skills - mental skills that include working memory, flexible thinking, and self-control (Panksepp, Hughes, Siegel, Porges, Wells).

How it Works

Time Saving Groupshots

With Motional Groupshots, data is collected through our Snapshot* tool for a whole class or group at the same time, saving valuable time and ensuring no child falls through the gap.

*The Snapshot tool uses a series of questions to help adults better understand how well a child or a young person is functioning in terms of their mental health and wellbeing.

tick item icon Takes about one hour per teacher per term

tick item icon Quickly filter and review data within the Group

tick item icon Also saved to the Individual’s profile

tick item icon Identify those who require additional support

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Participants' Scores

First Name
Last Name
Isabella Rose 68.33% 41.67% 67%
Alexa Cooper 65% 45% 69%
Philip Powell 75% 40% 60%
Francesca Cooper 71.67% 40% 73%
Isabel Edwards 76.67% 28.33% 66%

Universal and Comprehensive Snapshots/Groupshots

The Motional Universal Snapshot Tool provides a questionnaire assessment of approximately 40 questions. Universal Snapshots are particularity good for quickly capturing data for whole classes or groups (referred to as Groupshots), or if you're wanting a quicker way to assess a child / young person.

For a more detailed analysis, a Comprehensive Snapshot adds an additional 30 or so questions to the Universal Snapshot, helping to focus in more detail on where the child / young person is in terms of their emotional development.

If you're working 1:1 with a child we would recommend using the Comprehensive Snapshot to give you a more detailed view.

NEW Organisational Snapshot and Action Plan

The Organisational Snapshot & Action Plan empowers senior leads to develop an emotionally healthy culture throughout the whole school across areas of Leadership and Management, Environment and Ethos, and Policy and Practice.

Gather stakeholder perception through the simple-to-use Organisational Snapshot tool and use these insights to identify areas for improvement to feed into your School Development Plan.

Find out more about Organisational Snapshot and Action Plan

Backed By Specialists

The activities and advice within Motional are developed by a team of psychologists and experienced senior educators that respond specifically to the emotional health profile of the participant.

We regularly review and add to the content available within the app. Our community of users form a strong part of Motional, contributing feedback and evidence of the real world benefits of using our system.


Ways of relating to, regulating, and reflecting with Class 3.

These suggestions are based on the scores from the Snapshot/Groupshot linked above. They were specifically chosen from a list of suggestions that target the identified Subdomain CARE .

  • Meet the child’s needs physically, emotionally and psychologically. To do this, we have to give the child our full attention. It is only then, with close observation, that we may notice the child’s body language and begin to understand what it is that the child is saying. When children are quiet, they often go under our radar particularly amongst classmates / other children who have much more overt ‘discharging’ behaviour...

  • Create times when the child has your full attention. If they demand your attention and it is not possible to be fully present with them, stop and say ”I know you need me now and it is very hard for you to wait, but I cannot give you what you want now. I am going to set the timer for ... (however long the child can manage) and when the buzzer goes, I will be there!” Short bursts of your full attention / contact are what is needed......

  • The healing relationship between adult and child is defined by the adult’s capacity to love, maintain good, healthy boundaries and to be in charge. The adult sets the emotional tone. If a child comes into the class angry and is met by a friendly adult who is not fazed by the child’s anger...

Excellent service for a low cost of entry

At Motional, we pride ourselves on delivering an excellent service for a low cost of entry with no hidden fees.

ALL packages include the following:

tick item icon Scalable pricing depending on your setting's size

tick item icon In-app and email support

tick item icon Unlimited Snapshots

tick item icon Unlimited Programs and Reporting

tick item icon Suitablility for use as a Whole School (our recommendation), or by smaller groups/settings

"We have been delighted to be able to fund a Motional licence for all 61 schools across Pembrokeshire for the past three years, and feel that it has been a very worthwhile investment. School feedback on Motional has been very positive. It has been a pleasure working with Rich, who is always available to offer advice and guidance to schools. We look forward to our continued work with Motional."

Dr Emma Emanuel, Pembrokeshire County Council

Dr Emma Emanuel, Pembrokeshire County Council

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